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Peace of mind when it comes to your own finances might be difficult in today's complex world, characterised by interdependent markets, global interests, and changing tax laws.

Regardless of a person's cultural or financial background, our devoted and skilled team can provide tax and financial planning to them and their family.

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It is crucial to know that you are moving toward both your short and long-term goals. Our team is able to offer innovative solutions that assist our clients stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing economic environment thanks to our investments in innovation and strategy.

Meeting your financial objectives requires process-driven, careful planning. Whether your goals are to finance a new business, retire early, fund the education of your children or grandchildren, invest in real estate, buy a second home, or fund your children's or grandchildren's education, having a personalized personal financial plan will give you a sense of security and confidence.

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Should I lease or buy a car?

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The answer depends (like so many topics in personal finance), on your utilization. The answer entails more questions: How many miles do you drive per year? How often do you get a new car? If you hold onto a car for 7-10 years, buying is the way to go. If you rack up a lot of miles, leasing can be a financial disaster.

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Ask Keryl : Tax Benefits

Am I eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit?Am I eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit?

Am I eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit?Am I eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit?

IRS Free File is all taxpayers need to claim the Child Tax Credit (CTC), 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit, and other tax benefits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The IRS also continues to urge people who received one or more advance Child Tax Credit payments in 2021 to carefully review their taxes before filing.

Families who received advance payments will need to compare the advance Child Tax Credit payments they received in 2021 with the amount of the Child Tax Credit they can properly claim on their 2021 tax return.

To help taxpayers who received an advance Child Tax Credit payment, the IRS started sending Letter 6419, 2021 Advance CTC, in late December 2021. The letter contains important information on advance Child Tax Credit payments that can help ensure the tax return is accurate. People who received the advance CTC payments can also check the amount of their payments by using the CTC Update Portal available on

Why continue to feel when faced with the demanding financial obstacles of life? Our experts are available to help with budgets, taxes and even financial aid documentation. We're here to ensure your success.

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