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When there is an emergency, that requires immediate attention, K&K Tax Services are your 24/7 financial solutions company. We do so with understanding, compassion, confidentiality and skills developed over many years of top-level executive experience.

K&K Tax Services retains various attorneys and enrolled agents as appropriate in specific cases.

Emergency Solutions
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K&K Tax Services is the company to call when there is no room for error. Don't feel alone when faced with the crisis of a financial emergency. If you are facing an IRS related obstacle or need a financial document, K&K Tax Services will be there.

Our experts are available to be your resource to help you save money and help to permanently resolve your tax issues in a prompt amount of time.

Frequent Questions


How long does an audit take?

Emergency Solutions

The length varies depending on the type of audit; the complexity of the issues; the availability of information requested; the availability of both parties for scheduling meetings; and your agreement or disagreement with the findings.

We specialize in providing financial help to small businesses and individuals. Relief is as close as a button away.

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