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Don't feel alone when faced with the fear of filing federal or state taxes. The tax experts at K & K Financial and Tax Services are available to be your resource. K & K Financial and Tax Services specializes in providing tax help to small businesses and individuals. We can help you save money or permanently resolve your IRS or State tax issues within a short period of time. Tax relief is as simple as a phone call. Our tax specialists can help you resolve the majority of your IRS tax problems in three easy steps.

Our mission has always been: One call to K & K Financial and Tax Services and you will never have to speak to the I.R.S. or state tax offices again. We will get levies stopped, I.R.S. liens removed, wage garnishments released and all your back taxes filed. It is our goal to help you achieve the ideal tax settlement as quickly and as smoothly as possible. If you owe more than $10,000 in tax debt you are losing hundreds of dollars every day in interest and penalties. Get your life back, contact K & K Financial and Tax Services today.

Individual Filers


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Step 1: Gather Documentation

Individual FilersIndividual Filers

Individual FilersIndividual Filers

·ID & Personal Info
·Dependent(s) Info
·SSN or TID Number
·Childcare Records & Expenses
·Custodial Parent Agreement
·Employment/Unemployment/Self-Employement Info
·Income (Rental, Retirement, etc.)
·Other Income & Losses
·Home Ownership
·Medical Expenses & Health Insurance
·Educational Expenses
·K-12 Educator Expenses
·State & Local Taxes
·Federal Disasters

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Step 3: We Look Forward to Seeing You

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