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Planning for a successful retirement can be a complicated, yet achievable goal. It is important to understand how key retirement planning opportunities may affect you and your future.

K & K Tax Services has extensive expertise in retirement plan services. By developing a plan that incorporates our clients’ present and anticipated needs for the future, we guide them to and throughout retirement.

While retirement is a concern for most individual’s, we invite clients to look at retirement as a workable income solution. We all have a different idea of how our retirement is going to be; ideally we all want the ability to make choices, not have our choices outlined for us. The objective of the plan is not to focus on retirement, but to focus on maintaining the financial freedom to make choices in life; by preparing early, you are giving yourself the ability to do so.
IRA Rollover and Distribution Planning:
With people continuously changing jobs, rolling over a previous employer’s 401(k) into an IRA account may be a task some clients face. We can help in the process by offering trusted investment advice and ease the overall transition.
Income Projection Analysis:
We will prepare an analysis of your retirement income from sources such as employer-sponsored plans, social security, other government programs and investments. We will look at your projected expenses including taxes and inflation.
Fixed Income Strategies:
Based on the results of our income projection analysis, we may suggest certain fixed income investments such as bonds, CD’s, and guaranteed income annuities.
Qualified Plan Design and Compliance:
We start by analyzing your business needs and goals and recommend a plan that works best for you. We help you select the right plan features and benefits, and then design a comprehensive plan to optimize your success.
By reviewing your current plan, we can make sure you have the right 401(k) plan in place to suit your company’s needs. We’ll analyze the fund options, fee structure and level of service your plan offers and, if necessary, recommend a course of action to customize a new 401(k) that best fits your company. We have a dedicated staff that is committed to working directly with your human resource staff and help with employee enrollment.