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K & K Tax Services - Client Services
  • Client Profile
  • General information about you and/your spouse for new clients. This document allows us to create custom financial solutions for your specific situation.
  • Updated Information
  • Updated information about you, your spouse and your family. This document allows us to maintain and or modify the best financial outline for you. This document must be completed each year.
  • Consent Form
  • This document allows us to complete and submit your financials including tax forms on your behalf. It expires each year and must be compeled at the end of each expiration period.
  • Testimonials Release
  • A part of doing great business for you is our privledge to share your experience with others. This document allows us to quote and publish your experience in your words in our media materials.
  • Referrals
  • We appreciate you spreading the word to your family and friends about teh wonderful experience that you had with us. We would like to compensate you for it. This document allows us keep a record of all referrals that you send to us.