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K & K Tax Services has grown over the years in order to provide you more comprehensive tax services to meet your individual, business, and e-file needs. We will continue to strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. You now have several convenient choices to complete and file your taxes. Choose the method that applies to your current situation. Filing taxes has never been easier.

By using K & K we believe you can arrive at your smallest tax liability, or largest refund in the fastest possible time. You can be confident that real people are available to you and are on your side to give you the best results every time. Our years of expertise can be found in every step of the process. We'll help you explore deductions and experience scenarios that may lead to additional tax savings. The information below will help you decide the best method for you.
Use our Express E- Filing Consultant Services if these conditions apply to you:
You make under $30,000 a year
You have 0-3 deductions
Your expenses are simple
You are a college student
You should use our Deduction Smart Consultant Services if these conditions apply to you:
You have a lack of time
You need a professional opinion
You have a sudden change in your lifestyle
You have a small or home based business
You did not file last year
You have been audited before
You owed taxes for the last 2+ years