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Ms. Martin
Case Study: Personal Credits and Deductions

Ms. Martin was doing her taxes using Turbo Tax because she didn't want to pay a professional to do her taxes. She owed the IRS $20,000. They advised her to get professional help. She was referred to us from another client and we saved her about $15,000. There were a lot of credits and deductions that Ms. Martin was entitled to that she wasn't aware of. Ms. Martin has been a client of K & K for the past five years.

Mr. Roberts
Totally Lawn Care
Case Study: Business Development

Mr. Roberts, owner of A Totally Lawn Care, was interested in starting up a lawn care services company. He came to K & K Tax Services to get his business started. We sat down with Mr. Roberts to get an idea of what type of entity he wanted and what his goals and expectations of the company were. Mr. Roberts advised us that he needed us to set his company up and maintain his financials. We handled everything from obtaining the business license to the incorporation process and developing their expense reporting system. We currently are the financial consultancy firm for A Totally Lawn Care which is inclusive of budgets, quarterly taxes, annual taxes and annual filings.

Mr. Sanders
Liberty National Insurance
Mary Kay
Case Study: IRS Audit, Power of Attorney & Liability Reduction

Mr. Sanders works for Liberty National Insurance as a full time agent. He also has a home based business selling Mary Kay. Mr. Sanders was audited by the IRS for two years and owed the IRS over $10,000. Mr. Sanders did his taxes on Turbo Tax to no avail. We helped received power of attorney in order to speak on his behalf. By getting power of attorney, we can speak on behalf of our clients with the IRS. Mr. Sanders reduced his liability, received a refund and is out of debt.