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Getting started with K & K Tax Services is simple. Whether you choose to use our Express E- Filing Consultant Services or our Deduction Smart Consultant Services , there are a few things that you need before you begin. The following list can help you get a head start on what you should have on hand before you do your taxes.
Personal Taxes:
Current ID (driver's license or state issued id card), Social security cards for all filers (dependents and taxpayer), W2 or 1099's.
All items for itemizing:
Mortgage interest statements
Ad volarem tax payments
Medical bills/payments
Student loan interest statements
Banking interest statements
Daycare provider's info
Charity receipts
Uniform receipts
Previous year's federal and state return (new clients)
If you earn tips(including your part of shared tips). Use Form 4070.
Have an accurate list of all your residential addresses for the year, as well as any supporting documentation for the following events that may have occurred during the year:
You paid interest on your home mortgage or second mortgage. Your lender will send you Form 1098 by the end of January.
You paid real estate taxes
You moved. You may be able to deduct moving expenses
You received rental income
You sold your home or other property
Homeowner or rental information
You can take one of two paths when it comes to deductions:
For the standard deduction, there is no special documentation necessary. If you choose to itemize deductions, keep in mind that the required documentation and guidelines vary depending on the deduction.
Common itemized deductions include:
Medical expenses
Charitable contributions
Non-reimbursed business expenses
Non-business casualty or theft losses
State and local taxes
Certain other deductions, such as contributions to retirement accounts, can be claimed even if you do not itemize.
If you think you may qualify for any credits, you'll need proper documentation. Some common credits include:
Child and dependent care
Child tax credit
Elderly or disabled status
Foreign tax
Mortgage interest
Prior year minimum tax
Qualified electric vehicle
Bank account information

If you receive a refund this year, you can get it more quickly by having it automatically deposited into your bank account. You'll need the account number and routing number. You can find your nine-digit routing number in the lower left corner of your checks.
Business Taxes
Copy of IRS letter stating business EIN#
Current Profit and Loss Statement or Gross Business Sales/Receipts
List of business expense receipts: rents, utilities, equipment, supplies, vehicle information etc.
Any and all other valuable information
Proprietary business income
Rental property income and expenses
Partnerships, estates or trusts from which you draw income
K-1's on any partnerships
Receipts or documentation for business-related expenses

In January or early February, you should receive various 1099 forms for interest, dividends, retirement plan distributions, etc. from all banks, brokers, or fund companies where you had a bank account or money invested during the tax year.

Once you have gotten all of your documentation together, the rest is a breeze. Contact us using the Communication Center, make an appointmeny in the Appointments Center or give us a call at (404)212-3511 for more information.